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The Woolbright Group helps non-profits including higher education and independent schools and human and social service organizations build strong, lasting programs designed to achieve optimal results for the short and long term. In the spirit of education, we guide every project with thorough research, thoughtful assessment, strategic planning, expert guidance, and skilled implementation.

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When I was serving as Executive Director of Willow Domestic Violence Center, formerly ABW, we were going through monumental changes.  We had a lot of moving parts - we had a name change and we were about to launch a capital campaign – a lot of things happening at once.  We thought we could do this on our own, we read all the materials, we attended seminars, but there is nothing like having an expert.  We reached out to Cynthia and she came at the drop of the dime and she got us right out of the gate.  She was our go-to for strategy, for vision, for how do we look at all these moving pieces and put them in to a comprehensive picture.  She sat down and walked us through what it would be like.  She knows where she can advise and where she can make connections.  She energized the entire group. It was fantastic, fantastic kick off and it wouldn’t have been possible without Cynthia.

Jaime Saunders

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