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We Are The Woolbright Group

The Woolbright Group helps non-profits including higher education and independent schools and human and social service organizations build strong, lasting programs designed to achieve optimal results for the short and long term. In the spirit of education, we guide every project with thorough research, thoughtful assessment, strategic planning, expert guidance, and skilled implementation.

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We hired Cynthia Woolbright when we were looking at doing a capital campaign at Bivona Children’s Advocacy Center.  Hiring Cynthia was one of the best things we did.  We would have been floundering if we hadn’t hired Cynthia. The board wouldn’t have understood what their role was in a major campaign. We progressed and we matured to a strategic organization and that campaign was a huge piece of it and without Cynthia, I really don’t believe we would have had the success we had.  We had a great mission, we had great people around the table, we needed a great advisor and that’s what we got in Cynthia Woolbright.

Mary Whittier

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