1. Women Philanthropists Rise

    by Cynthia Woolbright The face of philanthropy is changing. Women give and give generously, but only to those organizations that earn their support. The face of philanthropy is changing. At the...
  2. Hire the Right Boss for You

    by Cynthia Woolbright People leave their boss, not the institution. Be prepared to hire the right boss. Based upon his research in leadership, Michael Watkins, associate professor of business administration at...
  3. Diversity & Inclusion with Your Board of Trustees

    by Cynthia Woolbright While incremental changes on boards are occurring at our colleges and universities, we are still woefully short from true diversity on our boards. The Association of Governing Board,...
  4. Five Traits of World-Cup-Worthy Teams

    by Cynthia Woolbright Imagine the incredible things your team can accomplish when they demonstrate World Cup worthy values. Here are five values that might just inspire your team. The USA Women’s...
  5. Organizational Success: Managing Your Human Talent

    by Cynthia Woolbright In the article entitled, Turning Potential into Success: The Missing Link in Leadership Development, (Harvard Business Review, November-December 2017) senior leadership at the global executive search firm Egon...

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