Ave Maria University

Ave Maria University, Ave Maria FL

Having been founded in 2004, Ave Maria University needed to build itself to one of self-sufficiency with a strong and effective advancement program that promotes and sustains a culture of philanthropic giving as a strategic priority. In 2010, a very critical time in the university’s history, it was be important to assess, analyze, evaluate and recommend an organizational structure that was both nimble and effective in its human, programmatic and financial resources. Further, these strategies must be aligned with the university mission and priorities. Counsel conducted a comprehensive organizational assessment that resulted in a series of recommendations that were implemented. The university’s advancement program is now raising over $8,000,000 annually and well on its way to sustaining the university’s priorities for growth.

The Woolbright Group’s services include counsel in strategic planning, board development, leadership and team building, capacity building, training in effective fundraising and solicitation skills, and more. For more information, please contact us.

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