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Your not-for-profit organization’s success requires the dynamic engagement – and full support – of your Board. We consult and assist in developing or enhancing your board development program by coaching the people who are so critical to long-term organizational success. We can also help Board members understand – and enthusiastically embrace – the vital role they play as ambassadors and fundraisers.

Learn more about how The Woolbright Group can assist you with non-profit board relations:

Non-Profit Board Development, Engagement, Evaluation & Assessment

As a non-profit, evaluating your board’s performance and engagement is a critical – and sensitive – process. You want a Board evaluation process that allows for members’ self-reflection and feedback so that you can gain insights from them on how they feel they are doing and how they view your work.

We can help you develop a plan for non-profit Board development to ensure that your Board members are truly engaged – providing guidance and expertise, financially supporting your work, supporting non-profit fundraising efforts, and serving as an ambassador by attending events and activities. Rarely do you have to start at ground zero – often the lowest hanging fruit is simply leveraging opportunities in existing programs and events, etc.

Our Board development consulting team has extensive experience in working with Boards of non-profits and can work with you to develop a custom training plan for your Board. You’d be surprised with how welcomed training programs are to Board members – they are often ready and waiting for the opportunity to help advance your work. We can help them focus that energy in ways that will accelerate and enlighten your work.


Non-Profit Board Recruitment, On-Boarding & Training Strategies

As a non-profit, your trustees are one of your greatest assets – or at least they can be one of your greatest assets. We can help you evaluate how you can ensure you’re leveraging the power of a great board of trustees.

We’ll help you with board assessment and develop a comprehensive profile of the board (age, gender, expertise, terms) that can help guide your planning efforts and highlight opportunities to diversify your board and enhance its inclusivity.

We can help you build a process to identify potential board members who will best meet your institutional priorities and develop a pipeline of prospective board candidates. Once you’ve identified your ideal candidates, we can work with your Governance Committee to develop customized cultivation strategies for a non-profit board search to recruit board members that are the best fit for your organization.

Do you already have board recruitment and on-boarding processes in place? We’ll review your processes to ensure optimal board member recruitment and on-boarding strategies. We can help you plan and conduct Board retreats and workshops to ensure that board members gain deeper insights and knowledge into their fundraising responsibilities.


Non-Profit Board Fundraising Training

Time and again, we hear from administrators at not-for-profits that one of their biggest challenges is inspiring board members to engage in fundraising. We can help. We can facilitate board fundraising training to help members understand – and enjoy - their responsibilities and roles.


Non-Profit Board Governance

Your relationship with your trustees is one of most vital relationships to find success. Through non-profit board governance training, The Woolbright Group team can help you create a synergy between the Board and the senior team – a synergy that will lead you to success after success.


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