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We can help you address your most pressing strategic fundraising and leadership challenges as a non-profit. Whether you need a comprehensive audit of your program or guidance on building a campaign, we can guide you through every aspect of developing and implementing strategies to reach - and perhaps exceed - your goals.

Learn more about how The Woolbright Group can assist with your non-profit campaign, development, and fundraising efforts:

Alumni Relations

We’ll share the latest trends, alumni relations best practices, analyze your alumni base, and benchmark with your peer institutions to develop a unique suite of recommendations based on our qualitative and quantitative research results. We’ll work collaboratively with you to refine your alumni relations strategies and partner with you to implement those strategies to achieve your goals.


Annual Giving Strategies

The biggest challenge we find in annual giving campaigns is thinking beyond annual tactics to thinking strategically. In considering how your annual giving campaign can position you for success, we know that strengthening your donor prospecting, acquisition and stewardship work while developing a pipeline for enhanced major gifts is most critical. We’ll work with you to develop an annual giving plan with the entire organization – particularly with the academic leaders in educational institutions. Needs vs. priorities. We’ll guide you through a process to discover the most inspirational case for support – one that is based on priorities with a donor perspective.


Campaign Assessment, Readiness & Feasibility Studies for Non-Profits

We offer two primary areas of campaign assessment and study to help ensure you, your president, and board are off on the best possible footing for a comprehensive campaign.

Phase One - Internal Assessment and Readiness

Just how ready and capable are you to undertake a comprehensive campaign plan? We’ll work with you as we develop and conduct one-on-one interviews with your board members as well as online surveys. Our goal is to access how supportive they are of the organization’s goals, how they view its leadership, how they view their role in a campaign and other areas of concern you want to explore to better understand your board members’ mindsets.

We’ll interview the president and senior leadership and staff, conduct focus groups, and review internal processes, etc. – essentially a deep dive into the capacity and opportunities to strengthen your capacity to increase the likelihood of success.

Once we’ve completed our research, we’ll deliver a comprehensive campaign assessment report, including qualitative and quantitative data - all focused on how ready the stakeholders are to mount the campaign. We’ll also include recommendations for staffing and optimal organizational structure, etc. Finally, we’ll recommend if you're ready to proceed with Phase Two – a Feasibility Study – or work with your team to address key issues identified to improve your readiness.

Phase Two – Feasibility Study

This is the high stakes phase of your work – it will inform your likelihood of success in your campaign! The purpose of the feasibility study phase is to make certain that your campaign priorities are achievable, that key stakeholders understand your goals, and gauge their readiness to financially support those goals.

We’ll work with you to determine the key stakeholders we will reach out to and then conduct focus groups or one-on-one interviews to review your case statement. Not to worry, we will help you draft that statement. The purpose of our research will be to understand what resonates with them, what compels them, what questions it raises, and if they would consider making a gift to support the goals articulated in the statement.

We’ll work with you to revise your case statement and then visit the top 25 – 30 donors who have capacity and a close relationship with your institution (your inner circle if you will) to conduct interviews regarding the case statement. We’ll explore what’s compelling, what role the interviewee sees for themselves in this campaign, if they have confidence in the team leadership, and other areas of interest that will inform your work.

You’ll receive a comprehensive feasibility study report, articulating all our qualitative and quantitative findings and – most importantly – providing invaluable insights to inform your capital campaign plan.


Donor Acquisition, Engagement & Stewardship

Donor acquisition and donor stewardship for non-profits is the toughest nut to crack, but you don’t have to do it alone. Tell us what you want to accomplish, and we’ll help you determine how you might get there – and just how much of a stretch it might be. We’ll review what you’re doing now, evaluate current practices and evaluate the return on investment. Then we’ll recommend how to maximize current donor acquisition activities and tactics to leverage optimal outcomes.

We’ll work with you to develop donor acquisition and engagement strategies based on data gathered through surveys, interviews, etc. with donors and best practices and peer institution assessments. We’ll work with you to ensure you have optimal internal practices and procedures to support your donor acquisition goals. Our goal is to help you move toward personalized donor stewardship plans by conducting a donor stewardship survey – learning how your donors feel best about how their gifts are stewarded.


Communications & Development Audit for Non-Profits

Just how often do you have a conversation with your key stakeholders? Non-profit organizations are quick to tell us how many mailings they have sent in the last year. Newsletters and social media posts are an important part of connecting with your audiences. But the best non-profit communications program ensures opportunities to gain insights and gather input from the people who matter most to you. Equally important, your communications program should also consistently build and align with your brand.

We’ll work with your team to access the frequency, reach and content relevancy and engagement of your current communications efforts and develop recommendations on how you might enhance your work.

Our development audits are a great way to take a breath and access what you’ve accomplished and how you might structure and plan to ensure continued growth and success. Do you have the right mix of professionals on your team and is your organizational structure designed to support your strategic goals? We’ll work collaboratively with you to help make that determination and provide a comprehensive report that you can use to support your plans.


Major Gift Strategies

Here’s how we can help you enhance your major gifts program and major donor fundraising strategy:

  • Review current giving and analyze capacity.
  • Work with staff to better understand what is working, what opportunities you see, etc.
  • Build internal processes that ensure that knowledge about donors is being institutionalized and allows for long term relationship with seamless transitions when gift officers change.
  • Talk with major donors to gain deep insights into what motivates them, etc.
  • Build programs that will engage major donors.
  • Create customized strategies for major donor prospects.


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