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The right leadership, the right team members and the right organizational structure are all critical to ensure success. If you and your leadership team need strategic guidance and counsel to help them better position your organization for success and sustainability, we can help. We can help assess the optimal organization structure you’ll need to get where you want to go. And, we can help you and your Board envision what the future could hold for your organization and develop powerful strategies to help get there.

Our staff development consulting services including executive leadership development training, trustee training, professional development training, fundraising leadership, fund development training, and more. We’ll help you craft a program to meet your unique needs.

Learn more about how The Woolbright Group can assist you with leadership development and effectively managing your organization:

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching provides a great professional development opportunity for team members working with senior level teams and can include DISC assessment and guidance on how to work together. We can conduct workshops to help your team to better understand themselves and their colleagues.

Sometimes, a recommendation will be included from the Phase One assessment, to provide coaching for team members where there may be challenges standing in the way of optimal performance.


Organizational Assessments

There are a variety of ways we can help you, including:

  • Interviewing staff, board members, and administrative team members;
  • Reviewing data (staff retention rates; exit interviews);
  • Reviewing organizational structure and making recommendations on possible changes to ensure flexibility and optimal performance.

Do you have staff in the right roles? We will conduct a functional analysis and provide you with recommendations.


Strategic Planning and Thinking

We can work with your team to develop an advancement plan that truly aligns and supports your organizational strategic plan. With our strategic planning consulting services we will assess resources to ensure they reflect an ability to achieve your strategies and supporting tactics. As part of the functional analysis, we'll identify how much time leaders truly dedicate to strategic thinking in their daily work and show them how they can become strategic thinkers.


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