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Effective fundraising programs— especially major gift and principal gift efforts – are dependent on well-trained, knowledgeable and motivated staff who understand what their roles are, how their success is measured, and understand and believe in the metrics that measure your success.

We can help you:

  • Recruit the best talent to help you reach your goals.
  • Clarify where staff development may need strengthening and provide a road map for how to make progress now and whenever a new hire is brought on board, to assure that consistently knowledgeable staff are working effectively on your behalf.
  • Identify establish and enhance performance measures that are focused and fair and show you how and why using metrics can make a significant difference in fund raising outcomes, employee satisfaction, and reduced turnover.
  • Create staff retreats that will help your team focus and finish your most important strategic imperatives.

Learn more about the specific areas where The Woolbright Group can assist you with talent management:

Building Effective Teams

Whether you’re trying to meld new members into your team or just need to rejuvenate your team after years of working together, we can help. Tell us your challenges and we’ll work with you collaboratively to develop a thoughtful and responsive plan to help synergize your team.

We can also work with you and your team to prepare you to interview and hire for the important attributes you seek.

Team building can be accomplished through on-site workshops, retreats, one-on-one or team coaching -whatever works best for you and your team.


Diversity and Inclusion

You know the value of having a deeply diverse and inclusive team. Research shows that the synergy that comes from diversity and inclusive teams time and again outperform less diverse and inclusive teams.

We can perform a qualitative and quantitative assessment that includes interviews, focus groups, benchmarking and surveys that will inform a plan we will develop to enhance your diversity and inclusivity recruitment and retention efforts. The plan will include strategies like developing undergraduates and alumni in your work to building a relationship with a more diverse student body.

We can also help you plan workshops to deepen your team’s understanding and commitment to diversity and inclusion.


Leadership and Staff Development Training

We’ll talk with you to learn more about what you need and how we might help you accomplish your goals, inspire your team, and – equally important – create an engaging environment. We’ll conduct interviews and focus groups to gain a better understanding of what you’ve already done and what you believe is needed to enhance your leadership development efforts.

From there, we’ll develop recommendations that might include workshops, seminars, one-on-one coaching, etc. that will help you achieve your goals.

We can also work with you to develop a succession plan that includes a management and career development program.


Advancement Searches and New Staff Member On-Boarding

We’d welcome the opportunity to find your next indispensable team member. Tell us the key skills and attributes and we’ll tell you how we’ll bring a pool of highly qualified professionals to consider for your most vital job openings. We’re quick footed, well connected and dedicated to ensuring we bring you the best match for your team.

We can also help you develop a comprehensive on-boarding plan to ensure your new team member has optimal support in accomplishing their work. We’ll work with you to develop performance planning and measurements that represent a collaborative, on-going process that engages managers/supervisors and the new team member; we will benchmark with comparable organizations to ensure that you’re setting realistic performance measures.


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