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Amy Wilson
Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations, Beloit College

Cynthia Woolbright brings her whole heart to her job. She is smart, articulate, strong, knowledgeable and good-humored. She will dig deep into your data, get to know your staff, assess the opportunities, and then accompany you through the process. I've worked with her in breaking annual fund records and in preparing trustees for campaigns and she is always energetic, strategic, and a pleasure to learn from. Cynthia is a professional in every best sense of the word.

Beth E. Zak
Regional Development Officer, Dickinson College

I had the pleasure of working with The Woolbright Group when I served as the Director of Annual Giving at Harrisburg Academy and then the Director of Advancement at Trinity High School. Cynthia’s thoughtful guidance, from conception to completion, enhanced the philanthropic culture and significantly improved programs. Cynthia guides with unique perspective and knowledge; she is well skilled in determining board effectiveness, campaign readiness, and enhancing donor relationships. She is a great partner to lead and will challenge clients to reimagine progressively.

John Crawford
Vice President for College Relations, Medaille College

Cynthia helped Medaille College improve our culture of philanthropy and develop a specific plan for board engagement in the philanthropic process. With her help, our trustees better understand the importance of giving and embrace their own contributions.  Our trustees are more fulfilled by their roles, have increased their own contributions and have engaged more alumni and friends in supporting Medaille with Cynthia’s help.  We really enjoyed working her, admired her professionalism, and refer often to her contribution as our development efforts progress.  Cynthia helped take philanthropy at Medaille to the next level!

Frank G. Persico
President, FGP Consulting, LLC

Hiring staff can be frightening. As a manger you are looking for a certain type of experience in your best candidate yet need to be sure that your new hire is going to be compatible with your existing staff. When I served as Vice President of University Relations at The Catholic University of America, I reached out to the Woolbright Group for help.

Cynthia Woolbright excelled in writing position descriptions, planning searches, reviewing resumes, conducting comprehensive interviews, allowing for peer review and evaluations, and thoroughly checking references. With this due diligence, we were far more likely to hire the right person for both our needs and for our organization.

We all remember starting that new position and wondering how our first day would unfold. It can be unnerving for any new hire. When I was hiring, I also asked for Cynthia’s help in the on-boarding process. I was totally impressed with the comprehensive and caring way in which she nurtured our new staff. Her well planned new-employee orientation put our new colleagues at ease from the very start. She was able to rid us if those unnerving days for new staff.

Jaime Saunders
President and CEO, United Way of Greater Rochester

When I was serving as Executive Director of Willow Domestic Violence Center, formerly ABW, we were going through monumental changes.  We had a lot of moving parts - we had a name change and we were about to launch a capital campaign – a lot of things happening at once.  We thought we could do this on our own, we read all the materials, we attended seminars, but there is nothing like having an expert.  We reached out to Cynthia and she came at the drop of the dime and she got us right out of the gate.  She was our go-to for strategy, for vision, for how do we look at all these moving pieces and put them in to a comprehensive picture.  She sat down and walked us through what it would be like.  She knows where she can advise and where she can make connections.  She energized the entire group. It was fantastic, fantastic kick off and it wouldn’t have been possible without Cynthia.

Mary Whittier
Former Executive Director, Bivona Children’s Advocacy Center

We hired Cynthia Woolbright when we were looking at doing a capital campaign at Bivona Children’s Advocacy Center.  Hiring Cynthia was one of the best things we did.  We would have been floundering if we hadn’t hired Cynthia. The board wouldn’t have understood what their role was in a major campaign. We progressed and we matured to a strategic organization and that campaign was a huge piece of it and without Cynthia, I really don’t believe we would have had the success we had.  We had a great mission, we had great people around the table, we needed a great advisor and that’s what we got in Cynthia Woolbright.

Ian Ridgeway
Executive Director, Foundation for Underway Experenial Learning (FUEL)

Before working with the Woolbright Group I had big ideas to improve the world, but no experience with cultivating good relationships, raising money, and running a campaign. Cynthia Woolbright guided my energy and gave me the tools to accomplish big goals while making me feel confident and inspired. We incorporated our organization, received 501(c)(3) status, and have launched our $7M comprehensive campaign thanks to the Woolbright Group. I cannot recommend their guidance enough. It will pay off.

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