1. Leadership Qualities, Part 2 (video)

    Cynthia Woolbright discusses five key leadership qualities as defined by best selling author Adam Bryant, New York Times weekly columnist and author of The Corner Office, in which he reveals the keys to success in the business world.
  2. Craig Smith on Major Gifts Fundraising – Part I

      In October, Cynthia Woolbright sat down with Craig Smith, Associate Vice President for Development, Rochester Institute of Technology, to talk about major gifts fundraising. Craig shared candid opinions on topics ranging from the “trouble” with cash gifts, seeking job candidates who meet his “hunter/farmer” theorem, and the practice of...
  3. Craig Smith on Major Gifts Fundraising – Part II

    In Part I of The Woolbright Group’s interview with Craig Smith, he shared candid opinions on the “trouble” with cash gifts, his “hunter/farmer” theorem, and the practice of role-playing to as a skills-assessment tool. If you missed part one, you can access it here. In Part II, Craig covers several...

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