1. Pre-Solicitation Strategies: How to Get to “Yes”

    by Cynthia Woolbright For some of us, making the actual ask can be daunting and challenging. So, how does a gift officer forge a relationship with donors and prospects such that when the time comes to “ask for a gift,” both parties are at ease with the process? Fortunately, we...
  2. Interviewing for Attributes

        In my earlier blog on “Hiring for Attributes” I identified six key attributes (below) that all strong job candidates should possess. But how to ascertain in the span of an interview whether the candidate meets your qualifications requires proficient interviewing skills. Here are some suggested questions you might...
  3. Hiring for Attributes

      Honing your hiring criteria means knowing which key attributes you are looking for in a job candidate and potential employee. Over many years of being involved in the search and hiring process, I’ve identified six key attributes that I look for in all candidates whether they are people with...
  4. Perspective on Leadership, Part I

        New York Times “Corner Office” columnist and best-selling author Adam Bryant has interviewed hundreds of CEOs for his books on leadership.  His first book, The Corner Office; Indispensable and Unexpected Lessons from CEOs on How to Lead and Succeed, explores the essential qualities shared by many CEOs that...

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